Sweat-Proof Makeup Tips for Back to School

OK so at my school we have limited parking and, even as a senior, I have to park across campus from most of my classes. I know, RIGHT?? It’s pretty messed up. Walking is for freshmen.

Anyway, when you have to walk 20 minutes across campus in 95 degree weather, you sweat. A LOT. It’s yucky and gross but there’s nothing I can do about.

SO. Today I want to talk about tips I live by during the sweltering back- to-school month of August. I don’t want to drag this out, so lets get started! WOO!

Sweat-proof makeup tips for back to school

Sweat-Proof Makeup Tips

  • First, primer is your best friend. Like, your best friend EVER. If you don’t use it, your face will melt off completely. It will be sad. So buy some primer, OK? I really like this one from Bare Minerals.
  • Powder foundation = yes. Liquid foundation = no.  Liquid will just get gross and melt off in the heat. Powder is better for a more matte look – which is great for hot weather – and idk it’s just BETTER OK?? This one is awesome.
  • Don’t wear dark lip colors. Once again, they’ll melt off. Sad. I would stick to liquid lipstick as opposed to regular lipstick because it’ll stay on way better. Yay!
  • WATERPROOF MASCARA. Go buy some. Now. I’m not kidding. this lash paradise one is great, and it’s cheap! Regular mascara will get on your eyelids when it melts and when you move your eyes. Sad.

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Sweat-proof makeup tips for back to school

  • So I haven’t worn eyeliner this whole summer. It runs off your waterline super quick and just doesn’t work well in the heat. What I’ve been doing is taking a medium-dark eyeshadow shade and applying it to my bottom eyelash line (not the waterline) with an angled brush. I think the powder works much better in hot weather, and when you put it on your eyelashes it won’t smear off like it would on the waterline!
  • Don’t wear liquid liner on your top lid. I know, it’s very sad. But liquid eyeliner will totally sweat off your eyes and get all smudgey around your eyes. Which is even more sad. Try using a black powder instead.
  • Use powder products instead of cream or liquid. OK so I was going to make like three more bullets telling you to use powder blush, powder bronzer, powder whatever…and then I realized it was just the same tip over and over again, so I am just making it into one bullet instead! Use powder. Got it? Good.
  • Stay away from glittery highlight. Or just highlight in general. I love a good glow (champagne pop is my fav, of course) but when you start to sweat the highlight will just make you even more sweaty and it’s not a good look. I’m not saying to leave it completely, but try to be conservative with it and don’t use too much if you know you’re going to be outside a lot.


Follow these tips to be matte and gorgeous this back to school season. I hope you get A’s in all your classes, make new friends and win the lottery! Lol that was random but anyway BYE see ya in my next post!