Seven Makeup Tricks for Hooded Eyes

Have you ever tried a makeup look you watched someone doing on Youtube, only to find out that it just didn’t look right on you? Have you given up trying to do winged eyeliner because it looks weird on your eyes?

If so, you probably have hooded eyes. I have them too. We’re twins, yay!

Hooded eyes are when the skin above your eye kind of hangs over your eyelid, which hides eye shadow and anything else you try to put on your lid. Basically, it makes it hard to apply makeup because you don’t know where your crease is. Since the extra skin above your eye covers your actual crease, you kind of have to create your own.

Seven Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

Do you see this person’s eyelid is partially covered by skin from her eyebrow-ish area? Yah bro. That’s one hooded eye if I’ve ever seen one. Also, who is this lady? Does she have a family? I guess we’ll never know.

My eyes have annoyed me for years, and it took me a long time to even figure out what was different about them. All I knew was that eye makeup didn’t look right on me and it was so annoying.

I’ve been working on learning tips and tricks for applying makeup on hooded eyes. If you know the right techniques, it’s really not that bad. Love yourself and your hooded eyes! They’re awesome!

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Hooded Eyes Makeup Tips

My first trick is to blend your eye shadows above where you think your crease is. Look at your face straight on, without tilting your head up or down. See where your crease should be, which is where your eye socket kind of goes in. Then blend the eye shadow up to that line. If you only put the shadow on your actual lid, the hood will just cover it all. You have to put eye shadow onto the actual hood so that you can see it. The point of this is to try to create your own crease using the hood as part of it. This sounds kind of confusing lol but try it and it will make sense!

Another thing I do to disguise my hooded eyes is to blend several different shades into the fake crease area to add depth and dimension and make the fake crease look real. I like to make the colors darker and darker the closer I get to the outer corner. These darker colors will look like shadows, which will help make your fake crease look like your real one.

Next, make sure not to bring your eyebrow highlight down too far, and to not use light shades in your crease area. This will highlight the hood and bring it forward, making it look more prominent. This will also make you look more tired, since your eyes will look smaller.

Going along with this idea, also don’t use glittery eye shadows in the crease area. This will have the same effect as light colors and won’t look cute. Stick to matte shades in the crease, but feel free to use glitter on the lid!

Seven Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

Another tip is not to wear thick eyeliner on the top lid. This took me so long to figure out. I could never understand why when I put on eyeliner and looked at my face, I would only be able to see the black liner and I couldn’t even see the shadow. This is just because the hood covers the shadow and the little bit of your eyelid that shows is covered by a thick black line. So, when you’re applying eyeliner, keep the line really thin across the lash line. If you have really hooded eyes, you could even just tight line your top lash line and not even put any liner on your lid. This will make your eye lashes look thicker without taking up any lid space.

Also on the topic of liner, don’t put too much color on your bottom lash line. You can definitely line the bottom of your eyes, but don’t load up too much eye shadow in that area. When you have hooded eyes, the hood drags your eyes down, making you appear tired. When your makeup is too heavy on the bottom, it will drag down your eyes and make them look even more tired.

Consider investing in a high-quality eyeshadow primer and waterproof mascara. If you don’t use an eyeshadow primer, hood of your eyes will smudge the color when you open them. Having a good primer will help keep your eyeshadow in place throughout the day. Waterproof mascara is also really great for hooded eyes, because the mascara can transfer onto the hood easily when you open your eyes. A waterproof mascara is more heavy duty and will stay in place all day.

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These tips really helped me out, and I hope they help you too! If you try out any of these techniques, send me a picture – I would love to see!