10 tips to make thin hair look thicker

The subject of thin hair is very near and dear to my heart. My entire life I have had very fine, thin hair. I remember back when I was younger before I even knew what thin hair was, I would wonder why my ponytail didn’t look as big as other girls’, or why I couldn’t wear a top bun or a thick braid. I thought these girls just had some secret trick that I didn’t know about.

Then, around the time of high school, I figured out that no matter what I did I would never have thick, voluminous hair like some of the other girls in my grade. This really annoyed me. All the current hair trends seemed to be centered around having a thick head of hair to work with, and I felt like I had two pieces of string hanging off my head.

So many hairstyles were just impossible for me to pull off. Top bun? The little donut thing would always show through my hair because I didn’t have enough to cover the whole thing. The half up/half down look? That one is the worst of them all. The half of my hair that was pulled up would always look like a tiny dot, and the half that was down would look like two singular strands of hair on either side of my head. It was gross. My thin hair just couldn’t compete.

make thin hair look thick

This led to years of experimenting with my thin hair. I was determined to find ways to make it look fuller. I tried serums, tools, products, styling tips and many more in an effort to give my hair an extra boost. And this brings us to today! I have spent years figuring out how to make my thin hair look thicker, and in this post I am going to outline my biggest tips, tricks and products that help me achieve a fuller look!

How to make thin hair look thicker

  • Wash your hair in the morning. Thin hair tends to go limp and get oily as soon as the day after your shower. If you have an important event or you just want to make sure your hair looks full on a certain day, washing your hair that same morning will help you hair look as voluminous as possible.
  • Dry your hair upside down. Drying your hair in the opposite direction that it usually sits will give the roots lift and help to make your thin hair a little more full. However, I wouldn’t recommend doing this the entire time if your hair also has cowlicks.

Read my post on how to tame cowlicks here.

make thin hair look thicker

  • Avoid choppy layers. I remember I once got a haircut with lots of layers, and it looked like I had a short bob with a few strands of hair hanging down longer than the rest. It is totally fine to have light layers, but lots and lots of them will just make your hair look even thinner than it already is.
  • Try a shorter haircut. This was hard for me to come to terms with because I had always wanted super long hair. But, I noticed that the longer my hair got, the thinner the ends would look. Shorter hair won’t weigh down your hair as much. You don’t need to get a full on pixie cut, but I have found that my thin hair looks it’s best when it hits at about my collarbone.
  • Don’t use oils. Thin hairs tends to get oily much faster than thicker hair, and oils will just make the hair look thin, weighed down and dirty. It is okay to put a little bit of oil just on the ends, but other than that, I would stay away from oil products.
  • Find a good hairspray. Whenever I curl my hair, I don’t even use hairspray because I know that the product will weigh my hair down and pull out the curls even faster than if I just don’t use anything. A really good quality hairspray from a salon (I love this one from Sexy Hair) will do a better job of holding the curls without weighing down the hair.make thin hair look thicker
  • Second-day hair is best for updos. When thin hair is completely clean, it doesn’t stick in place very well. A ponytail will look limp because there isn’t anything in the hair to hold it in place. I have found that when I wear a ponytail, it looks best on second-day hair with lots of dry shampoo in it (because of course, our thin hair starts to get oily as soon as the second day. Woo). I really like this dry shampoo by Batiste. The grittiness of the hair on the second day, as well as the dry shampoo, helps to give the hair a fuller look while pulled up and helps to hold it in place.
  • Day-of hair is best for wearing your hair down. Just like you need dirty hair for an updo, completely clean hair is better for wearing it down. Otherwise the roots will just look weighed down by all the oil and product accumulating on top of your head. Second-day hair also tends to not fall perfectly because of how you slept on it, so that kind of hair is best for wearing it up.
  • Only condition your ends. Conditioner is great, but it can weigh down thin hair. I only use condition from the ends of my hair to about my ears, and I don’t put it on the top of my head whatsoever. Otherwise my hair will be too conditioned and soft and will look limp.
  • Use Redken cushioning blow dry gel. I discovered this product about six months ago when my hairstylist recommended it for me. This gel is great because it holds your hair in place, but it doesn’t weigh down the hair. In fact, it even makes my hair feel fuller and thicker. This product also saves me from having to wear hairspray, which is great because of the issue with hairspray I mentioned earlier. I just put this in my damp hair from the ears down after a shower, and blow dry like I suggested above.

There you have it, my top 10 tips that I use to make my thin hair look thick and full! I really hope this helped some of you, and thank so much for reading!