Essential Oils: Why I’m Obsessed + How I Use Them

So, I turned 21 this month. Woo! It was fun. BUT the best part is that my parents came to visit me at college and brought me PRESENTS! Who doesn’t love presents??? If you don’t, you’re a straight up weirdo dude. Anyway, one of the presents my mom got me was essential oils along with a diffuser.

I had been hinting that I wanted this all summer, so I was really happy when I opened this present. My mom got me the Art Naturals¬†bluetooth diffuser with a set of 16 essential oils. It actually wasn’t too expensive. The set, including the diffuser, is only 60 dollars. That’s not bad at all, and I think it’s a great option for college students who want to try diffusing oils.

OK, so there are a lot of different ways that oils can be used and they all have different benefits, but I don’t want to get into all that mostly because I don’t really know much about it. Woopsie.

Essential Oils: Why I'm Obsessed + How I Like to Use Them

I wanted a diffuser for these reasons:

  • Yummy smelling room
  • Can diffuse for hours and hours and you can leave it on when you’re not there (unlike candles)
  • Can help you sleep
  • Its frickin cool and I wanted one OK

So first, essential oils smell good and they make your room smell good. In my opinion it’s better than a candle because it will diffuse for hours (like more than 6 hours continuously), you don’t have to blow it out after a few hours (which leaves a burnt scent in the room and completely gets rid of the good smell of the candle!), it doesn’t use a flame so you can leave it on when you’re not home, and you can also sleep with it on. Plus, mine is even cooler because it also works as a bluetooth speaker. I love getting up in the morning, turning on my diffuser with some lemongrass oil and using the bluetooth to play music to wake me up. It also can light up different colors and that’s cool, yo.

I also wanted a diffuser because I have trouble falling asleep. Sometimes it can take me like over two hours to fall asleep, and that sucks, so I was willing to try anything. Now at night I turn on my diffuser and put some lavender essential oil in it, and it really helps to put me to sleep! I just put it on a 3 hour timer and I am always fast asleep before the timer runs out and it turns off on it’s own. This is a way better alternative to taking pills to make you sleep or something.

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Essential Oils

My Favorite Essential Oils:

  • Lavender for night time
  • Lemongrass for in the morning
  • Pine needle
  • Bergamot (actually smells really sweet and citrus-y)
  • cinnamon + sweet orange
  • Peppermint + sweet orange
  • Lemon + sweet orange + grapefruit

So yah, I really like the citrus scents. Lemongrass is probably my all-time favorite, but nothing is better than lavender in the evening when you’re getting ready for bed. I think essential oils are super fun and I love experimenting with them, so if any of you have suggestions for a good oil to try…let me know!