Closet Essentials for Back to School Season + Easy Ways to Spice Up An Outfit

YAY CLOTHES! I love clothes. I live for clothes. If I could spend every day shopping for clothes to fill my closet, I would. I don’t even care if that makes me seem shallow. Shopping makes me happy and I love putting together new outfits. I don’t know why, but I feel so much more confident walking down the streets when I have on a nice outfit with a new top or pair of shoes.

AND…confidence is so important during back to school season! You might be a freshman who wants to give off a good first impression and make friends, or maybe you’re a senior who wants to look like you know what you’re doing (even though you totally don’t. But that’s OK!).

Either way, I want all of you lovely people to walk into the new school year feeling confident, stylish and ready to take on the year. BUT. I also want you to know how to pair all these things together to make them work. So, this post is going to be about essentials you need in your closet this season and also about how to take all of them and turn them into cute outfits.

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Closet Essentials: Tops

All righty, first I want to talk about shirts. The things you put on the top half of your body. This season I think there are a few types of shirts you should have in your closet in order to be supa cute and comfy and confident. The three C’s of back to school. Lol OK anyway:

  • Basic plain t shirts. You might be thinking, “Well DUH!” OK sorry chill out I’m trying to be HELPFUL here. In case you didn’t already know, make sure to have some plain shirts in your closet because they can be used in so many ways. My favorite easy way to put together a cute outfit is to throw on a basic t shirt with jeans, and throw a cute cardigan over it with some jewelry. Bam. Instant cute outfit, but you’re also comfy! Yay!
  • Bodysuits. I remember my friend Sierra in the 8th grade bought a bodysuit and I thought it was the weirdest thing ever. Well Sierra, I’m sorry. You were right. These things are awesome because AGAIN, they’re so easy to throw on and you instantly look super stylish. Put on a comfy bodysuit under a pair of jeans, throw on a cardigan or jacket and you’re DONE.
  • Off the shoulder tops. These might not be the best for class, but I’m still including them because you don’t spend your whole life in class, right?? Sometimes you go out with friends or just dress up pretty because you want to (which is what I do because I don’t have friends, HAHAHA). Anyway, these types of shirts will look so cute no matter what you do with them. Throw it on with some jeans, shorts, or…you could even buy an off the shoulder bodysuit. Woah. I think you just became a fashion icon.
  • Crop tops. No I don’t mean crop tops that show your entire stomach. I just mean a shirt that is slightly shorter than a regular shirt. Do you wanna know why I think you should have crop tops? Well, that would spoil the surprise so I can’t tell you. This item goes along with an item I’m going to mention in the bottoms section, so STAY TUNED.

Closet Essentials For Back to School

Closet Essentials: Bottoms

Yay, you’ve made it all the way to the bottoms section! Here I’m going to tell you the types of bottoms I think you should have in your collection, and how you can pair them with the tops mentioned above.

  • High-waisted jeans and shorts. These are what you will wear with the crops tops. See, I didn’t make you wait too long, so stop making me feel guilty. This is another template you can follow for a super simple cute outfit. Pair a crop top with high-waisted jeans and you’ll instantly be so stylish it’ll hurt. Plus, like I always say, THROW ON A CARDIGAN YO! That’s my ish. Plus making your waistline look higher with the crop top/high-waisted combo will make your legs look longer, so that’s always cool.
  • different washes/colored jeans. OK so this isn’t super interesting but I just wanted to add that I think you should have a light wash, dark wash, and black pair of jeans. That should pretty much cover all of your bases. Tips by Lexi!
  • Boyfriend/tomgirl jeans. SO MANY JEANS! Jeans are just great because they go with everything and they give you super powers. The super power is the power to look cute. Woah. Anyway, I LOVE wearing a bodysuit with boyfriend jeans. Since the bodysuit is tight on your top half, the more loose-fitting jeans look great paired with it. Instant cute outfit!
  • Denim skirts. Are we back in 2007? Must be, because everyone is wearing a denim mini skirt. I don’t even mind because denim skirts are amazing. They go with everything and they’re just magical, OK? Get a high-waisted one and wear it with a crop top, tuck a button up into it, wear it with a basic t and…throw a cardigan on. Yep. You knew it was coming. Anyway, the point is that you need to get one for your closet. Do it now.
  • Leggings. BUT, not just any old leggings. We’ve moved past the age of Victoria’s Secret leggings with “Love” embroidered in sequins on the back. Nope. Now we’re wearing full-on athletic leggings. I’m talking leggings with mesh, leggings with cuts, and anything else you can think of. I’m very sad because I have not yet purchased a pair of my own, but I am currently lusting after these from the brand Zella. Wear leggings with a cute pair of slide-on shoes and a basic t (…and a cardigan) and you’re good to go!

Closet Essentials For Back to School

Closet Essentials: Shoes

Bro lemme tell you. I’m addicted to shoes for real. I need help. But I don’t want it! Because shoes are my sunshine. Let me share with you what kind of sunshine I think you need in your closet this back to school season.

  • Running shoes. I have a pair of Nike Frees and they are amazing. These will go great with leggings and they’re super comfy and stylish. I would recommend getting a black pair first so that you’ll have a pair that goes with everything, but a colored pair would also be super cool. And maybe you can even use these to…exercise? Nah. That’s dumb.
  • Slide-on shoes. These are great because they’re comfortable, go with literally everything and they make you look sporty and cool even though you’re totally not. Well, idk about you but I’m definitely not. Anyway, I have this pair from Steve Madden in both black and white because I’m OBSESSED. I promise if you wear these with those cute Zella leggings, a basic t shirt and a cardigan you will look like a freakin model. Trust me.
  • Adidas Superstars. OK, I fully acknowledge that I am hopping on this band wagon very late in the game. I didn’t want to accept reality. But, they’re here and they’re staying, so here ya go. These will also look  great with leggings or basically any outfit. They make you look sporty (when you’re definitely not) and they’re comfy, so that’s a win-win in my book.
  • Sandals. This is super generic but I thought I needed to throw it in. When you’re not wearing sneakers or slide-on shoes, you should have a pair or two of some cute sandals. I get all mine from Steve Madden or Jack Rogers (I also really want those Tory Burch sandals, but I don’t have $200 lying around unfortunately) and I’ve never been disappointed. Cute strappy sandals will make any outfit look put together and girly. Wear them with a crop top and high-waisted shorts, a dress, or whatever else your little heart desires. The only thing I wouldn’t wear them with is athletic leggings but hey, if you can make it work then more power to ya.

Closet Essentials For Back to School

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Closet Essentials: Other

All righty, this is just a list of some things I think would be great in your closet, but there wasn’t necessarily enough of each type of item to make them into a list of their own. Woo!

  • Dresses. They’re literally one piece of clothing but they make you look like you put thought into your outfit. Pair it with some cute jewelry and you’re good to GO. The one I’m wearing is from Lulu’s and I LOVE IT because it has sleeves so I can wear it to work, but it’s also super cute for just wearing out!
  • Belts. Put on a belt with you jeans and it’ll make you look like a cool mamma jamma. As you can tell from these photos, I still need to get one.

OK we’re done! Now go forth into the world with your new outfits and amaze everyone.