My Best Podcast Recommendations!

Hi people. It’s been a busy week, and next week will only get busier. I guess it’s just that time in the semester. When I get super busy, I tend to get stressed. And something that helps me destress and get rid of all that built-up tension is walking. I try to go on walk every day, even though that rarely actually happens. The best part about walking is listening to music and podcasts, and lately I’ve been listening to mostly podcasts and I’ve been discovering a lot of new ones.

This is a list of my favorite podcasts and why I love them. I listen to a variety of podcasts, so I think there’s something for everyone here! Woohoo here we go people buckle up.

My Best Podcast Recommendations!

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  1. The Daily. This podcast is hosted by Michael Barbaro from the New York Times. He puts out about a 20-30 minute podcast every morning covering the big news of the day. It’s really great for keeping you on top of what’s going on in the world. Plus, he’s a really good storyteller and it’s always really fascinating to listen to.
  2. Hidden Brain. This podcast is hosted by NPR’s Shankar Vedantam, and he mixes science with storytelling by diving into mysteries surrounding human behavior. He’s done podcasts on why students drop out of college, police profiling, spending habits of poor people vs. rich people and many others. This is probably my favorite out of all the podcasts I’m going to mention!
  3. The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast. This show is hosted by Lauryn Evarts from the blog, The Skinny Confidential and her husband Michael. They start out the show by talking about what they did the past week and it’s always entertaining, and then they bring on guests and talk about everything from social media to blogging to beauty. These podcasts can get pretty long, too, so they’re great for a long car ride.
  4. Actually Adultish. The blogger Christina Rice hosts this podcast. Her blog is called Addicted to Lovely and she writes mostly about gut health, nutrition and recipes. She interviews people on her podcast and talks about everything that runs through young 20-somethings minds on a daily basis. It’s good, yo.
  5. Don’t Blame Me! The youtuber Meghan Rienks hosts this advice podcast. She basically plays voicemails from viewers who call in asking for advice, and she gives it. The callers are usually pretty entertaining and so are her answers – I definitely recommend giving this one a try!
  6. Munchin with Moguls. In this podcast, Alexa Jorgenson interviews women who are making a difference in their community. She talks about everything from starting a business to being a mom, and it’s really interesting. I love anything to do with women empowerment, so I definitely think this one is great!
  7. The Balanced Blonde. This one goes along with a blog under the same name, both run by Jordan Younger. She talks about health, wellness, nutrition, yoga and a bunch of other cool stuff. This one is great for if you’re trying to motivate yourself to get healthy – something I am literally always trying to work on. Lol.
  8. Straight Up with Stassi. Have you ever watched the Bravo TV show, “Vanderpump Rules”? If so, you know who Stassi is. She’s a loud, talkative, very opinionated woman who is not afraid to say it like it is. She basically just gossips about current events and entertainment news, and brings on her friends to judge other people with her. It’s not award-winning by any means, but if you just want to relax and listen to people be judgy, this ones for you.

Those are my recommendations!!! I hope some of these are of interest to you. If you have any other great podcasts, let me know! I love finding new ones.